Enabling Learn-Experiment-Share-Seek environment for upskilling the workforce to develop the high performance AI solutions by following the unique process of Design-Develop-Debug-Deploy-Deliver.

AI research delivers greater efficiency to achieve the business values with certainty when we select the right problem statement with realistic expectations with proper quality and quantity of data. We at FAI upskill and reskill the workforce through FaiD5Practice to adapt to the optimized process for developing high performance AI solutions. Along with the general industry, training FaiD5Practice focuses on developing AI solutions by setting up the D5 benchmarks.



  • Top to Bottom Design Process

  • Model Generalization

  • Highest Output Accuracy

  • Lowest Latency

  • Lowest Memory Consumption

  • Lowest Model Size

  • Scalability

  • Library Interoperability

  • Infrastructure Interoperability

  • Omnichannel Data Adaptation

  • Data Quality and Quantity

  • Optimized Infrastructure Setup

  • Distributed and Parallel Training

  • Optimized Development & Training Time

  • Data Privacy and Security

  • Transfer Learning Utilization


  • Bottom to Top Development

  • Independent Process Development

  • Uniform Development Platform

  • Coding Standards

  • Version Controlling

  • Synchronized Collaboration

  • Continuous Development

  • Continuous Integration

  • Continuous Delivery


  • Reverse Engineering

  • Model Interpretation

  • Parameters Interpretation

  • Optimized Parameter Modification

  • Library Modification


  • Microservices

  • Rest Services

  • Continuous Deployment

  • Dockerization-Containerization

  • Container Orchestration

  • Cloud Deployment


  • Source Code

  • Code Documentation

  • Development Documentation

  • Research Documentation

  • Service Documentation

  • Code Obfuscation

  • Reporting Tools

  • Licensing